Coliseum is reborn!

The bookstore is really, genuinely open, if still a bit under construction. They're putting in a cafe. Sigh. Hm, if the cafe means they'll add an open-to-the-public bathroom, which is currently not there, it might be worth it. Though, as my assistant said, "I don't hold with bookstores with cafes. It messes up the book smell."

I picked up a couple of books, one small one on bats (there seem to be rather few of those, and an astonishing number of books on birds), and McKillip's latest -- I hadn't known she'd come out with another one. I forget the title, as [ profile] mnemex has it. In the Forests of Something-or-Other.

Still reading Man in the Iron Mask. D'Artagnan rocks. Athos is magnificent. Porthos rocks in a more literal sense. Aramis still rocks -- except when he is amazingly stupid because the plot requires him to be so in order to fuel the machinery of the plot. I'm about halfway through, maybe a bit more, and he's made 2 serious errors. [ profile] mnemex convinced me that the one at the beginning was understandable, taking several factors into account, but the one he made just now seems asinine. We'll see if [ profile] mnemex can convince me otherwise.

Not sure what ingredient I'm craving, but I seem to have a bottomless appetite for sushi. Did AYCE with [ profile] mnemex yesterday, after Coliseum, and was sushied out. But wanted it again today. [ profile] acrobatty suggested it might be the seaweed I wanted, but I don't think so. It's the fish. Specifically, the raw fish. Cooked just isn't as appealing, though I'll make an exception for eel and tataki.