Thursday was [ profile] mnemex's birthday, and I had some errands I wanted to do before meeting him. So, I went to the train station after work, and waited. Some time later, it occurred to me that a train should have arrived. And, gee, it looked like smoke up ahead, around 40th street, not to mention a train pointing in the other direction sitting there.

So, I called [ profile] mnemex to update him, and the Beth, who checked online, and confirmed that, due to a fire around 40th street, and smoke conditions, trains weren't running between Woodside / 61st and Queensboro Plaza, and the Q32 and Q60 were being re-routed. (I think it was the Q60.)

There followed an annoying period of me trying to find out just where I was supposed to be waiting for the bus. The woman I called at the MTA told me one thing. A transit guy on the spot told me another. Both were correct, as it turned out -- the bus stopped both places. I asked if the bus were going all the way into Manhattan, and the driver said, "Sooner or later. Probably a bit later, but I'll get there." So, I figured I'd rather stay on until Manhattan, not get off at Queensboro Plaza, although it sounded like the trains started up about when I got on the bus.

So, I made about my third or fourth set of calls to Beth and [ profile] mnemex to assure them the situation was now okay, and I got off at 60th and 5th, got to the subway, and went to Dynasty. [ profile] mnemex wound up having to work late, and then was reminded that he hadn't gotten a zine in, and it was almost deadline. So, he showed up 2 hours after I did. I hadn't bothered to order. After the first hour or so, I was in a bit of a trance, kind of wanting to wait until he arrived, and reading McKillip's latest.

Now, I would probably have ordered if someone had asked me to. But they know us at Dynasty. We come there often. [ profile] mnemex is often late, and when this happens, I and / or the people with me tell the waitstaff when we want to order. And, for two hours, no one bothered me. At all. They probably would have taken an order, but I didn't give one.

Then, [ profile] mnemex showed up and we ordered too many of the same kind of spicy dishes, and ate a fair amount of them, and I made sure to tip really well. Then, we went to the Hungarian Pastry Shop. We got home pretty late.

Wasn't thrilled at having to wait 2 hours at dinner, but I think I was most annoyed that no one bothered to announce to folks waiting on the platform at 46th street that the train wasn't running. I did mention this to the folks around me and to folks I saw heading into the train, but I was pretty focused on figuring out how to get into the city myself.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2003 10:16 pm)
Friday, [ profile] bigscary hosted Columbia Games Club. I'd spend the day doing lots of errands, walking around in the mugginess. About 4:30, I took an antihistamine with one sushi roll and something called Summer Mint. This was mint and orange. I dunno if it was tea, but it was very nice and tingly.

I sat on a park bench from 5:30-6, fighting the resulting drowsiness and preping for the rpg I ran today. Then, I made my way to Saigon Grill, where [ profile] mnemex's parents were taking him (and me) out for dinner, and dozed there. They arrived at 6:40 or so for a 6:30 dinner. [ profile] mnemex's sister arrived a bit later, and [ profile] mnemex a bit after 7, having been en route, I'm guessing, at about 6:15.

We ate a lot of yummy stuff and saw his sister's bizarre cast for her arm. Then, we walked to 72nd street and bused to [ profile] bigscary, and I collapsed on the couch. I woke up and moved into one of the bedrooms, mostly napping until a quarter to 3.

By now, I was wanting to go home and collapse. Everyone else agreed wrapping up was a good thing. I was also groggy and dehydrated, and only able to drink a few swallows of the water [ profile] mnemex got me.

As we walked outside, I had a dilemma. I really didn't want to go into the subway. But I wasn't keen on the idea of a cab either. [ profile] mnemex and I had the same idea: We'd been told it was possible to walk across the 59th street bridge to our neighborhood. Maybe we should give this a try.

So, we did. After a false start, [ profile] mnemex found a sign saying that a path was only for bikes and peds.

"We are peds!" I said, delighted.

So, we walked. And walked. And it was a bit scary as we got up high, and the extra fence wasn't always there. And the bikes rode passed us, and I realized that both directions took the same path with one lane for us peds and another, the inner one, for bikes.

But we got to the end of the bridge, and I even managed to look up at the tram, over across the East River, and at a ball field on Roosevelt Island.

We stopped briefly at a Subways near the Queensboro Plaza subway stop -- the elevated one -- and I used the bathroom, and weight was readjusted. Then, we had another 20 minute walk. We considered stopping in at a diner near 40th, but it had no airconditioning. We noticed that 40th street or so, where we'd stopped for ice cream on the way home from the airport -- well, all the stores were closed, and the block was barricaded. This, I'm guessing, is where the fire was. Man, I'm hoping everyone got out of everywhere all right. And we picked up lime stuff on the way home, arriving home at 5am.

And [ profile] mnemex made lime sode for the game. It was really yummy.