I read Ellen Kushner's Swordspoint more years ago than I care to remember, and memories of the book are tangled with memories of wandering in the department store where I was reading it, with my mother trying to get me to focus on shopping for whatever clothing we wanted to buy. There are now two more novels and several short stories set in the world of Riverside -- and then, there's Tremontaine.

Tremontaine is serialized fiction set 15 years before Swordspoint, available from Serial Box. The first episode of season one is free, both text and audio version. It's written by Ellen Kushner and several other talented writers, and read by amazing voice actors.

Season two will be starting soon, and I joined TremonTEAM, which got me an early look at the first chapter of that season and a request to write about it. I am assuming anyone reading this summary has read at least the first season of Tremontaine.

Here be spoilers... )